DOCS has been involved in acoustic design for over thirty years with a large catalog of prestigious projects both in Italy and abroad. Under the generic acoustics design, the types of design work are more heterogeneous and differentiated: acoustic correction of large spaces such as theaters, churches, auditoriums, palasports, conference rooms; systems for the reduction and / or the containment of noise of machinery or industrial compartments; environmental acoustics remediation; devices for dissipation and / or active cancellation of noise and vibration; sound disturbance systems and improved comfort and productivity in various environments (open offices, hospitals, schools, etc.).


Acoustic design of complex spaces: theaters, auditoriums, opera houses, congress centers, conference rooms, recording studios, palasport, stadiums, exhibition centers, hotels, etc.

Acoustic design of specific devices: orchestral rooms, diffusing and / or sound absorbing panels and / or sound elements, etc.

Design of environmental acoustic remediation
Plans and project for industrial acoustic restoration
Design of systems for acoustic and vibration isolation
Design of Sound Masking Systems to improve acoustic privacy in environments such as open-space offices, hospitals, banks, hotels, etc.
Acoustic design of buildings (passive acoustic requirements)