DOCS can provide its customers with highly technical diagnostic activities aimed at identifying and quantifying several types of critical issues or deficit, as well as independent evaluation of compliance with requirements set by national and foreign laws and regulations and / or by contractual constraints.

Evaluation of pollution and noise resulting from the propagation of acoustic waves

Assessment of the disturbance caused to people and/or damage caused to buildings by vibration propagating in the soil and/or structures

Determination of the sound power level of machines and/or installations in general

Evaluation of the intelligibility of evacuation messages delivered by EVAC systems

Evaluation and testing of acoustic properties of buildings: acoustic passive requirements; reverberation; comfort and acoustic privacy

Ultrasonic investigations aimed at the research and quantification of occult leaks in compressed air and/or gas production and distribution systems

Ultrasonic investigations aimed at the search for electrical dispersion phenomena

Early detection (weak signal analysys) of defects in rotating machines and organs by vibrational analysis and ultrasonic testing