DOCS provide highly technical consultancy in the most diverse fields and disciplines: risk assessment and safety, determination of acoustic-vibration properties of noise sources and machines, environmental acoustics, architectural and buildings acoustics and electroacoustics.

Evaluation of the risk of exposure to noise
Evaluation of the risk of exposure to Vibration
Chemical, carcinogenic and mutagenic risk assessment
Evaluation of the risk of exposure to electromagnetic fields
Evaluation of the risk of exposure to artificial optical radiation

Evaluation of the acoustic and vibrational emission of machines and sound sources in general

Characterization of the sound emission of large sources (industrial plants, plants, etc.) by techniques of reconstruction of the acustic field (wave-field synthesis, beamforming)

Instrumental and predictive estimates of acoustic climate and impact

Consultation on council acoustic zoning

Study of acoustic properties of large environments: theaters, auditoriums, congress and conference rooms, opera houses, palasport, stadiums, etc.

Medium and long-lasting acoustic and vibrational instrumental monitoring (T> 1 year)